The mission of the Yonkers  Hispanic Federation Chamber of Commerce, Inc., YHFCC, is to create, expand and promote business opportunities to the Hispanic business community of Yonkers and beyond.  The YHFCC, will advocate, represent and create access for its members by providing informational forums and technical assistance; garner and secure business relationships, develop and implement programs; lobby and monitor legislation and policies that will impact, create access and more business opportunities to its members.  The singular purpose of the YHFCC is to create a solid network of Hispanic businesses to strengthen, facilitate access to resources that will grow and develop economic opportunities for Hispanic companies and                    the communities it serves. 

Our Mission

Promote and build relationships between Hispanic businesses in Yonkers and Corporate America


Promote economic development and programs designed to strengthen and expand the income potential of Hispanic businesses.


Create a better image, understanding and appreciation of the importance of Hispanic businesses


Prevent, intervene and address any issues that would potentially halt the expansion and growth of Hispanic businesses


Create a greater appreciation of the value of doing business with Hispanic companies


Assist new entrepreneurs build and strengthen their businesses


Work with the public sector agencies, local, state and federal legislatures and executive branches to advocate for laws, regulations and opportunities that promote the growth and success of Hispanic businesses in Yonkers.

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1767 Central Park Avenue #355, Yonkers, NY 10710  Phone (914)364-5040, Fax: (914) 513-5015   Email: info@YFHCC.ORG